Ā»Learning technologies are as diverse as their usersĀ«

Many challenges in digital learning can be addressed with existing tools. But no two learning environments are the same. Together with our customers, our experienced learning experts and engineers select best-of-breed tools, integrate these tools into a coherent ecosystem, and develop clever custom solutions where no standards exist.

Digital COVID-19 Response

Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA) partnered with eductive to extend their adlantics system with a mobile contact tracing app. Through the re-use of EFTA's existing adlantics services, the team was able to design, develop, and deploy a low-energy beacon tracking solution to more than four hundred users within weeks. The app has become an integral part of EFTA's strategy for safely resuming training operations.

Learning Delivery Design

A Fortune 500 customer partnered with eductive to design a novel learning delivery platform. eductive conducted early-stage focus group research, developed user personas, and designed the complete user interface based on current research in learning psychology and user experience (UX) design.